The Audience

from Fun Escape by JH Sounds



Something about the audience
something about the crowd
Something about the way I feel
and I got to get you now

craving the high publicity
craving a lotta fame
craving the popularity
there's so much I gotta gain

you know me by my story
how I got out from the grind
I'm the mild-mannered bus driver
who ventured way off the line

wanting to be in interviews
wanting to be a name
wanting to be a somebody
and wanting to stake a claim

happy to make to the headlines
happy to be well known
happy to be in prime time
so happy and that's my goal

and you recognize my image
as the guy who fled the grid
and then every time you see my face
you know my familiar grin

and I stroll right down the carpet
at a gala time event
as I enter in the paparazzi's
flashing, then come in tens


from Fun Escape, released November 30, 2014


all rights reserved



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