Passenger Stories

from Fun Escape by JH Sounds



Did I tell you the story of Sweeney?
Such a sweet woman, age 82
she would bring me a bundle of cookies
Piece of candy, or gum I could chew

She would thank me for kneeling my bus in
took a moment to lift up her foot
such an honest and long-living lady
and a symbol for all that is good

she inherited such a big fortune
gave her riches away to the poor
so instead she just uses the buses
every morning, she goes through my doors

Did I tell you the tale of Marcelo?
ran for office in fall of last year
shook my hand and he said that his father
was a hard working driver like me

so he catered to all of our wishes
cuz he sorely desired the vote
but he lost in the polls by a landslide
now he rides in the bus with the folks

oh he said he would make our lives easier
if he garnered a seat in the fall
even though he had lost, it was not a waste
cuz my bus has a seat after all

Did I tell you the tale of a driver
Who escaped all the doldrums of life
If I hadn't returned to my city
would've missed out on finding my light

it was there all along in the people
who I served every day from the start
and to top it all off, met a woman
who would go on to fill up my heart

if I hadn't come back, I would miss so much
I would leave out a piece of my soul
it's a life full of passenger stories
and together we ride our way home


from Fun Escape, released November 30, 2014


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