Next Stop

from Fun Escape by JH Sounds



next stop, drudgery
all of this week, right down this street
next stop, following
sadness repeats, seeking reprieve

same route, same routine
riders I greet, flashing my teeth
big smile, hides the gloom
inside of me

oh the mindless toils of living day to day
like an endless coil, going round and round

Work and work, but you're back at the beginning
to and fro, like it matters much at all
when we grind, it is such a fruitless effort
loop and loop, like a hamster in a cage

oh this route is the same one i've been hitting
years ago, when I started on this path
deviations strictly are forbidden
a simple maze, I know I'm just a rat

at dawn, set out straight
and take a right
at dusk, head on home
done for the night


from Fun Escape, released November 30, 2014


all rights reserved



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